2 Awesome Services For Giving Your Social Media Posts A Boost

There is a literal sea of services out there designed to help you in your social networking endeavors and simply because there are so many it can be a challenge to find ones that are worth putting the extra time into. This article will introduce you to, two free services that I regularly use and I think deserve a mention! Both of these services are great for giving your posts a boost to get past modern “popular” post algorithms and to gain a few new followers.


First on the list is EmpireKred!. EmpireKred is a virtual stock market that assigns users a share price based on their social media activity. EmpireKred is a great tool for making new connections with people both in your niche and outside of it.

EmpireKred allows you to connect all of the most popular social media networks (except for instagram) to your account and once you have them connected people will be able to see links to them on your EmpireKred profile. When a user invests in you or just checks out your profile they see these links and if your content is compelling enough they might choose to follow you.

One of EmpireKred’s best features is the user generated “Missions”. Missions are essentially micro tasks that users complete to earn “Eaves”. Missions contain tasks such as, watch a youtube video, view a tweet or visit a website. Missions are a great way to give your social media posts a boost!

EmpireKred does offer premium accounts and other packages, however they aren’t required to still get the most out of the platform.


TraffUp is a service that rewards users with points for completing short social media tasks such as, following a user, liking a tweet or watching a youtube video. You can use the points you earn or you can buy points to create your own tasks for users to complete. Make sure you check the rates others are offering before you set yours. If your rate is considerably lower than others are offering, you won’t get any takers.

Using TraffUp to grow followers isn’t recommended. People tend to unfollow you after a few days and you end up wasting points you could of used to boost posts. When you use the service to boost your posts you will get a few new follows from the extra exposure alone.

Sign up for a free account here.

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